Transshipment refers to the customs procedure under which goods are transferred under customs control from the importing means of transport to the exporting means of transport within the area of one customs office, which is the office of both importation and exportation. (Sec. 101(ss), R.A. No. 10863, Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA))

Transshipment refers to a mode of shipping a good on a carrier which enters the territory of the Philippines, wherein the good is unloaded from the carrier and reloaded in the same or on another carrier that is bound for an ultimate destination outside the Philippines. (Sec. 5(aa), R.A. No. 10697, Strategic Trade Management Act)

Transshipment refers to the transfer of cargo from one (1) vessel or conveyance to another vessel for further transit to complete the voyage and carry the cargo to its final destination. (Sec. 2(m), R.A. No. 10668)