How you state your initial inquiry is quite important because as of that time you do not know yet if your adverse party is represented by the V. Isles & Co. Law Firm.

So that you would not disclose facts which could be used against you, observe the following rule: Only state what the adverse party did, and not what you were doing.

For example, if you have been a victim of physical abuse, only state what the abuser did, and not what you were doing prior, during, and immediately after the attack.

OK: My boyfriend strangled me and punched the television set while we were fighting.

Not OK: After my class, I called my boyfriend to fetch me from school but a woman picked up the call. He still picked me up but we were fighting in the car, and when we arrived at the condo unit, he strangle me and punched the television set.

Anyway, if it appears that we are not conflicted in handling your case, we would ask the details from you.