Contact/Visit/Consult with Me

Contact Me

You can contact me through any of the following channels:

  • Mobile (TNT/Smart/Sun): 0963-382-0073
  • Mobile (Globe/TM)/WhatsApp/Viber/Signal/Telegram: 0967-009-5083
  • Landline: (032) 347-1832
  • Facebook Messenger (text chat, video call, or audio call):
  • Email/Skype/Hangouts/Teams:

Save my contact information – scan the QR code below using a compatible device and get my information in VCF format.

Please note that I do not entertain consultations over these channels unless certain conditions are met (see below).

I am usually asleep 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M., Philippine time. Outside of these hours, even on weekends and holidays, I am generally available, but if I keep on cancelling your call, that means that I am engaged in some other activity. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Visit Me

I have a physical office at 102 J. Alcantara St. (a.k.a. Private Road), Brgy. Sambag Uno, Cebu City, Philippines:

Short URL for the map above:

01K modern jeepneys turn left into J. Alcantara St. from A. Tormis St. Upon turning left to J. Alcantara St., ask to be disembarked and then walk towards V. Rama (southern direction). You will pass by the main gate of USC Girl’s High or USC South Campus, and just before you reach the bridge, the building would be on your left.

01C jeepneys used to pass by this area, but unfortunately without the public utility jeepneys, if you are using public transportation, your only options would be

If you are using private transportation or individualized services such as taxis, Grab Car, or habal-habal: If coming from Emall, you instruct your driver to traverse the length of J. Alcantara St. / Private Road until just before you reach the bridge over Guadalupe River; on your left (across the street) would be a one-storey, three-door building. The first, wooden, black door is my office. If coming from V. Rama, just after passing the bridge, the building would be on your right (same side of the street).

Parking area: There is one parking slot right in front of the building. Every other morning, the Alliance for Land and Livelihood for the Rural and Urban Poor, Inc. (ALL-R-UP), which occupies the two other rooms of the building, will be using the slot. Note that this parking slot is good only for small and medium width cars (no Rangers, please) and would require more than beginner skill in parking. There’s another parking slot a few meters from the building, or you can park across the street, but these are subject to random Cebu City Traffic Operations (CCTO) clamping operations. You can also surreptitiously park beside the building of 7 Days Inn or in front of that of Datu’s Grill (both towards V. Rama) or in front of the University of San Carlos – South Campus (a.k.a. Girls’ High), but take note that these are parking slots reserved for the clients of the said establishments, not clients of my office. Finally, there’s one parking slot beside the office building, but you need go down a steep incline, and you need to get out with your rear end first, something you should probably not try the first time when you visit my office. (You can go in with your rear end first, and thus get out with your front ahead, but you would usually receive curses from drivers on the road while you are trying to get in your rear end.)

(I have no plans of either transferring to another office with better parking options or working out better parking options for this current office. I hold the view that individuals using their own cars is ultimately not sustainable for Metro Cebu, and a better public transportation is the only sustainable option. Also, most of my clients are from the laboring class or the urban poor, whose mode of transportation is public, or if private, their own motorcycles. Those clients of mine who could afford big cars summon me to their residences or offices, and pay for my time in coming there.)

I will not entertain clients without a prior appointment, and I am not usually in the office.

Please secure a schedule prior to visiting the office using the channels above. If you won’t there’s a very high chance that I would not be able to address your concerns either because I am not in the office or I am working on something else.

Face masks are required to be worn inside the office.


Consultation fee at the office is PHP 500.00 for each half-hour or a fraction thereof.

Tele-Consult with Me

Alternatively, you can consult through the channels listed above. For tele-consultation, the following conditions must be met:

  1. I have already received the payment;
  2. you have already sent high definition pictures of the documents to if your concern involves documents; and
  3. we have already agreed on a mutually convenient schedule.

Contact me through the channels listed above to learn how to process your payment.


Video or audio calls will cost you PHP 1,500.00 per hour or a fraction thereof. The same fee is expected for a single concern processed through non-audio/non-video channels.

Send Mail to Me

If you wish to send mail to me through the Philippine postal system, it would be faster if you use the following address:

Atty. Vincent S. Isles
P.O. Box No. 919
Cebu Central Post Office
6000 Cebu City

Note that only mails sent through the Philippine Postal Corporation would be accepted by a post office box. If you would be sending mail via commercial courier service, use my 102 J. Alcantara St., Brgy. Sambag Uno, 6000 Cebu City address.