Batanes Responsible Tourism Act

Batanes Responsible Tourism Act, Republic Act No. 10866, approved by the President on June 23, 2016. It aimed to develop and promote responsible, community-based ecological-cultural tourism as the core management strategy in the development and growth of Batanes; ensure the conservation of the biodiversity and the preservation of the unique heritage and culture of the province; develop tourism products and programs that will generate employment and livelihood for the local residents consistent with the preservation and maintenance of local heritage and culture; guarantee that the financial and economic benefits of the tourism industry are equitably shared by, and distributed among, the Ivatans and local residents by giving preference and support to community- and home-based tourism enterprises; ensure that the quality of local tourism programs and activities are educational and enriching for tourists and visitors; and guarantee that in the development and promotion of the local tourism industry, the LGUs shall ensure that the needs of local residents and communities in the areas of water supply, food, energy and local construction materials are first secured and met.