Using Globe GAN4PT modem as wifi “extender”

Back in June 2020, my girlfriend entered into a contract with Globe for the provision of a landline with an Internet connection. We were provided with a Globe At Home modem, model number GAN4PT, manufactured by Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd.

It did not take long for us to realize that the landline option was useless, at least in our location. The connection was just too slow. Thus we switched to the prepaid Globe At Home broadband, which has better connectivity in our area. The GAN4PT modem was placed in a corner, unused.

I figured it should be possible to insert a network cable from the LAN port of the prepaid modem to the LAN1 port of the old modem, and have the old modem act as an access point.

My first step was to reset the old modem to factory settings. The reset button is on the right side of the modem.

The default IP address of the old modem is Username is “admin” and password is “3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e” (both without the quotation marks).

There are only three (3) things needed to modify, and they are all in the Interface Setup > LAN ( screen of the modem:

  • Main IP address (under Router Local IP) – change to something else other than because the other Globe modem would also be using that IP address and we do not want a conflict. I choose
  • Main Subnet Mask (under Router Local IP) – copy the subnet mask from the main modem. (Mine was
  • DHCP – change to disabled

After this, you can connect the network cable from the LAN port of the main modem to the LAN1 port of the old modem, and you should be able to connect to the Internet through the old modem.

This method could be used to extend the reach of your wifi connection, by utilizing old modems as access points.

2 thoughts on “Using Globe GAN4PT modem as wifi “extender””

  1. Sir, I did the same thing pod. But I didn’t press anything sa old router ko (gan4pt). I just connect an rj45 cable from my fibr router to my old router’s Lan slot and voila! It is now working! But the Pw of the old router is still the same Pw as before. Now my problem is how to change it since some of my boarders’ phones were still connected sa old router ko. If I tried to enter the, the portal that would open is my fibr portal huhuhu

    Should I click the default button First?

    1. I was changing it to the default settings because Globe had changed its settings. You should try to find a way that it is not possible to connect to the new router but instead to the old router so you can access

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