Musings on a dog fcking another

Earlier this morning, Guard, the female dog in the Fernandez compound, tried jumping over the fence, misjudged, and got her two front paws caught in the fence. The two paws had to support her entire weight because her two hind paws had difficulty touching the ground.

Olaf, the male dog in the compound, did what any uncastrated male dog would try to do when there’s a female: he tried mating with her.

So imagine this: A female dog, her two front paws caught in the fence, trying to free himself from the painful situation, while a male dog was behind her, trying to fck her.

We can’t blame the male dog – it is in his nature. But why is it that many times, human beings, who are supposed to be at the top of the hierarchy of life, become so focused on making themselves richer and so much better than others that they forget the welfare of other human beings? Why is it that sometimes, we act like an organism so many branches below us in the evolutionary tree, so focused on our self-interest, to the detriment of helping others?

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