Dismantling the oligarchy sa imong kagaral

Dismantling the oligarchy is protecting the rights of labor to the full, securing full employment and equality of employment for all, and guaranteeing security of tenure, humane conditions of work, and a living wage for each.

Dismantling the oligarchy is preserving the lands of our lumads for their use and benefit, only allowing mining with their full and informed consent, guaranteeing that all environmental controls are in place should there be mining at all.

Dismantling the oligarchy is breaking up the haciendas in their modern forms, and implementing a genuine agrarian reform in our rural areas.

Dismantling the oligarchy is preventing commercial vessels from fishing in municipal waters, reserving those waters for our marginal fishermen.

Dismantling the oligarchy is taking over idle lands in urban areas, and redistributing them to the urban poor at reasonable amortization rates.

Dismantling the oligarchy is spending the necessary state funds for a nationalist, scientific and mass-based educational system.

Dismantling the oligarchy is the thousand and one ways to move this country forward to a more just and humane society which we had always envisioned.

Closing the business of one wealthy family to give it to another wealthy family is not dismantling the oligarchy. It is merely changing the oligarchic landscape to your liking.

Ug kon mao ra gyod nay mahimo nimo, maayo pag matulog na lang ka, just like sa akong miming.

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