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Kon may salaod nga nahimo, may limit ang panahon kanus-a kini mapasaka sa piskaliya. Kining maong limit ang gitawag nga prescription.

Ang Article 90 sa Revised Penal Code nag-set sa prescription sa mga krimen binase sa silot: kon kamatayon, reclusion perpetua ug reclusion temporal, 20 ka tuig. Kon prision mayor, 15 ka tuig. Kon prision correccional, 10 ka tuig. Kon arresto mayor, 5 ka tuig. Ang Libel ug susamang mga krimen, 1 ka tuig, mo-prescribe na. Ang Oral Defamation ug Slander, unom ka bulan usa mo-prescribe. Ang light offenses (lakip ang Slight Physical Injury) duha ra ka buwan sukad sa pagkahitabo, prescribed na.

Alang sa mga krimen nga gisilotan dili sa Revised Penal Code apan sa laing balaod, ug ingon man sa mga provincial, city ug municipal ordinances, ang Act No. 3326 ang nag-set sa prescription: Section 1. Violations penalized by special acts shall, unless otherwise provided in such acts, prescribe in accordance with the following rules: (a) after a year for offenses punished only by a fine or by imprisonment for not more than one month, or both; (b) after four years for those punished by imprisonment for more than one month, but less than two years; (c) after eight years for those punished by imprisonment for two years or more, but less than six years; and (d) after twelve years for any other offense punished by imprisonment for six years or more, except the crime of treason, which shall prescribe after twenty years. Violations penalized by municipal ordinances shall prescribe after two months.

Ang prescription dili magdagan samtang nagdagan ang kaso, lakip na ang wa pagkadakop sa akusado nga duna nay warrant of arrest.

May related concept usab, ang prescription of penalties. Kini, duna nay desisyon ug gisilotan na ang akusado (kombiktado). Ang rules niini makita sa Articles 92 ug 93:

Article 92. When and how penalties prescribe. – The penalties imposed by final sentence prescribe as follows: 1. Death and reclusion perpetua, in twenty years; 2. Other afflictive penalties, in fifteen years; 3. Correctional penalties, in ten years; with the exception of the penalty of arresto mayor, which prescribes in five years; 4. Light penalties, in one year.

Article 93. Computation of the prescription of penalties. – The period of prescription of penalties shall commence to run from the date when the culprit should evade the service of his sentence, and it shall be interrupted if the defendant should give himself up, be captured, should go to some foreign country with which this Government has no extradition treaty, or should commit another crime before the expiration of the period of prescription.

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