The TRAIN Law is a scam

The TRAIN law is a scam. Purportedly it aimed to increase the net take home pay of ordinary employees. In reality, the reduction in the taxes to be paid out of the salaries will be partly offset by the increases in SSS and PhilHealth premiums.
Don’t get me wrong, I do support increasing the SSS premiums, although I have no opinion yet regarding that of the PhilHealth increase. But our government should have been more transparent. It should have been more forthcoming with the truth that part of the reason income taxes were lowered down was to offset the increase in SSS and PhilHealth premiums.
But then again, why should we expect transparency with this government which allowed a former dictator to be buried in a heroes’ cemetery while the issue was still on motion for reconsideration; the same government which had not created an independent commission to look into the thousands of summary executions its critics are accusing it of sponsoring and/or instigating.
The only transparent thing in this administration is Mocha Uson’s panty, and it’s not that we don’t know what’s behind it if we know where to look.

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