Sun Cellular’s service becomes worse the 2nd time around?

This is the second time that I noticed that Sun Cellular’s service becomes worse during the second 24-month period if you are on a plan.
I first applied for a Sun Cellular plan in 2007, when they were just starting to offer plans in Cebu. I renewed in 2009 for another two years, but was very dissatisfied with the service so I opted to have it cut in 2011.
In 2014, after I passed the bar, I wanted to maintain a constant number, and I could only do that if I am on a postpaid account, so I applied for a Sun postpaid account. Service was good, so I renewed for another 24-month lock-in period in 2016.
Last Friday they blocked my outgoing SMS and calls. I presumed that it was because I was overdue, but almost 76 hours since I paid four times my monthly amount due, my outbound SMS and calls are still blocked. It’s not my cellphone because I tried using another cellphone, and also inserting another Sun postpaid SIM (my brother’s) in my cellphone. Worse, when I checked my statement of account, I was supposed to be overdue only on July 8, 2017, five days from today, and a week and a day AFTER they cut off my service.
A review of my outgoing calls and messages also reveal a lot of unknown numbers, and a disproportionate number of non-Sun outgoing SMS, when most of my clients and family members are using Sun.
So this would be my last 24-month with Sun postpaid then. By October 2018, I will switch back to the good old prepaid SIM and prepaid cards. In my observation, their quality of service (including customer service) will always deteriorate during the second lock-in period. Perhaps they don’t need customers. Or at least they don’t need me, which is actually possible, because a lot of people and entities don’t need me.

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