Learn rather than just get a grade

To my dear students: Don’t worry so much that I only give you just 3.0 or 2.5 or 2.0. Years from now, or even just next semester, it won’t matter. We instructors are to required to give grades because the system expects us to give grades, but grades are only remotely related to what you have learned from us and what you really need to learn.

True learning, real lessons, are not found inside the four walls of our classrooms.

I’d rather see you realize that an extra centimeter of sheet cover will protect the engine better, than be able to remember the formula for stress and strain.

I’d rather see you stand up to police brutality than be able to memorize the Bill of Rights.

I’d rather see you warn the rallyist of the Molotov cocktail coming his way from the back than enumerate the elements of direct assault and disobedience to agents of persons in authority.

I’d rather see you learn than just get a grade.

Note: The cross-post of this on Facebook got viral and had more than 8,000 shares.

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